Captain Marvel Adventures #1 – 150 (1941-1953)

Captain Marvel Adventures #1 – 150 (1941-1953) : Captain Marvel Adventures was one of several ongoings during the Golden Age starring Fawcett’s Captain Marvel, who was more popular than Superman in the late 40’s and early 50’s. The series told the adventures of young Billy Batson, who by speaking the magic word “SHAZAM!” would receive super powers. Trouble was, these powers were kind of similar to those attributed to the Man of Steel. Depite the fact that Captain Marvel’s stories tended to have a lighter and more humourous element to them, DC was not impressed. After a protracted plagiarism lawsuit, which DC eventually won, Cap and the rest of the Marvel Family disappeared from the comic world for about 20 years. Funnily enough, they would re-appear at DC.

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Captain Marvel Adventures #1 – 150
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