Madame Xanadu Special (1981)

Madame Xanadu Special (1981) : A single issue one-shot focussing on Madame Xanadu. Contains an unrelated back-up illustrated by Brian Bolland.

With the help of her trusted Tarot deck, the mysterious Madame Xanadu mystically appeared in her own book by legendary pair of Batman alumni, writer Steve Englehart and artist Marshall Rogers. Examining the life and adventures of the sorceress of Christy Street, this special delved into the dark side of magic, and was brought to life by Rogers’ playful drawings and sound effects. Not content to simply feature a wrap around cover by artist Mike Kaluta, the issue also gave readers a pull out poster by the same artist, along with an unrelated back up sci-fi tale by writer J.M. Dematteis.

Madame Xanadu Special
Language : English | Image Format : JPG | Year : 1981 | Size : 17 MB

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